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The safari experience in Roam Private Game Reserve is varied. Guests can enjoy sundowner sessions coupled with walks, cheetah tracking and game drives.


The 5000 hectares of pristine wilderness covering the Great Karoo landscape is home to a world of natural and historical wonder.

The safari experience is varied - each camp offers something different.

The focus at Roam is to restore and conserve the delicate biome of the area; and to rehabilitate a variety of wildlife that can survive in the Great Karoo's arid conditions. 

  • Walks through the wilderness
  • Game drives with historical insight into the area
  • Buffalo and cheetah observation
  • Tracking elusive meerkats
  • Star gazing
  • Sundowners
  • Mountain biking. We've marked 4 different routes, each varying in length. Rides aren't guided and guest must bring their own equipment and cycle in a group)

Daily Schedule

For the Roam Safari Lodge and Roam Explorer Camp, game drives are included.

A typical day in summer might look like this (times are season dependent): 

  • 5:30 - 6:00       :  Morning coffee and rusks
  • 6:00 - 10:00     : Morning activity (game drive / cheetah experience)
  • 10:00 - 13:30   : Breakfast and time at leisure
  • 13:30 - 16:00   : High tea - sweet and savoury
  • Late Afternoon : Afternoon drive to eastern plains or walk in canyon, accompanied by a sundowner stop.

Please click here to view a more comprehensive suggested safari itinerary for Roam Safari Lodge. 

When to Go

Roam has extremes in temperature, with winter bringing in bitterly cold weather and summer bringing in searing temperatures.

Winter is a time of relative drought, and the nights tend to be extremely cold with frost covering the ground first thing in the morning.
The winter days are mild during the day, but certainly aren’t hot. Summer temperatures can peak to 40°C, but generally hover around the 30°C mark.

What to Pack

Throughout the year, lightweight neutral-coloured clothing is recommended, as well as suitable walking shoes. Remember to pack cameras, chargers, binoculars, and other gadgets that might be useful on the trip.

You will need suncream and hats to protect you from the searing African heat. It's important to pack a windbreaker/jacket as even in summer the night drives can be cold.

During the winter months it can get bitterly cold. We recommend an assortment of beanies, fleeces and jackets. The dome tents do not have heating and air-con; so please pack accordingly.

What to Expect

Roam Private Game Reserve offers a nature experience in a unique biome. The focus is on conservation and preserving the Great Karoo back to its former glory. Your wilderness experience will depend on your choice of camp. Roam Safari Lodge and Roam Explorer Camp offer daily walks and game drives, and there is the opportunity to observe buffalo and cheetah that have recently been introduced into the reserve. The Roam Manor House is at your pace, and is ideal for trail running, mountain biking and relaxing. 

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